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Beginning with specialized transportation as an alternative to law enforcement or ambulance-assisted transport, Transicare eventually developed an array of services to target the behavioral health needs of clients transitioning from higher levels of care and forensic settings. Central to all of our services is our commitment to finding creative solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of those we serve. Services range from specialized transportation, case management, clinical assessment, crisis assessment, disaster response, liaison services, specialized community-based intensive case management for higher levels of care and forensic populations, and oversight of civil commitments for the North Texas Behavioral Health Authority.

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About Us


Mobile Crisis Outpatient Team (MCOT)

Transicare’s Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) provides face-to-face help to people who are at risk of harm to themselves or others. MCOT provides crisis intervention to people at their home, school, or other location. These services are made available 24/7, 365 days per year, and are available to anyone. Interventions include prompt, efficient assessment, risk reduction, and connection to physical or mental health services.

Comprehensive Clinic and Community-Based Mental Health Services

As a Comprehensive Mental Health Service provider, Transicare offers a variety of mental health services through its dedicated clinic and community-based treatment teams.

Disaster Response

Transicare has been the provider of choice for meeting the unique needs that evolve with unanticipated behavioral health care system disruptions or system response to disasters.


Transicare strives to create specialized transportation services that meets the needs of the individuals and simultaneously provides a safe, cost effective alternative to ambulance or peace officer transportation.

“I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I am going to remind myself never to cross those paths from which I’ve come, and take one day at a time so I may heal to become as whole as I once was. Much gratitude to you!”


“When I started services, I couldn’t walk or talk. I have seen it all with drugs in my life, but with the help from the Transicare team I got into the clinic for my medication and they showed patience with me on my recovery.”


“Thank God for the people who helped me because I was in jail for two years and when I came out, I lost everything. The program with Transicare works good. My dreams came true thanks to my case manager, because they helped me a lot.”


“I had a want and a need to help myself to be a better citizen in the society around me. Now my life is improving around all around that with the help Transicare provided.”


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Transicare Highlights

Since its beginning, Transicare has worked to solve gaps in the behavioral health system by using innovative, evidence-based approaches. From the way we train our behavioral health staff to our transformative interventions, Transicare is always searching for and learning ways to improve the way we do things so that consumers benefit.  We are proud of our staff and the quality we bring to those we serve.

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