Comprehensive Clinic and Community-Based Mental Health Services

Transicare offers a variety of mental health services through its dedicated clinic and community-based treatment teams.


Transicare’s behavioral health clinic serves adults with mental health needs by way of clinical assessment and medical treatment by our medical staff. At our clinic, clients undergo assessments to determine their specific treatment needs and preferences, including counseling (group, family, and individual) and medication. Medication management, education, and crisis intervention services are also available. We work together with clients and their natural supports to help them develop the strengths, skills, and self-determination that allow them to live a fuller, richer life.

Intensive Community-Based Services

Transicare provides intensive community-based services by way of its Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT), Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), and Post-Acute Treatment Services (PATS) teams. All community-based teams provide treatment services in the community on a 24/7 basis, and each uses a team of professionals from various backgrounds to treat the whole person with medication, therapy, case management, employment readiness, education, skill-building, crisis intervention, and case management. Treatment services are aimed at adults with mental illness (who might also have a co-occurring addiction) who frequently are in crisis, often needing hospitalization, or have a criminal background with a history of incarceration. These services are for clients whose mental illness impacts other areas such as hygiene; meeting nutritional needs; caring for business affairs; obtaining medical, legal, and housing services; recognizing common danger or hazards to oneself; failure to perform daily living tasks without support from others; inability to carry out homemaker roles and maintaining a safe living situation.